Bathroom passes collect germs, spread illness


Last year, the introduction of standard, permanent hall passes took the whole school by storm. Students came back from a restful spring break to find a whole new system of accountability enacted schoolwide.

These passes, which are most often used to accompany students to the bathroom, are not necessary and plainly unsanitary. While in the hallways they may be useful, they quickly become a nuisance and a liability when entering the bathroom. The number of germs which collect on the plastic sleeves, which are never cleaned, is astounding.

The previous honor-based system was adequate and added a sense of collegiality to our campus. Every student was trusted to be doing his business. The current hall pass system feels like elementary school where the teacher must stand behind your shoulder every step of the way.

We need to return to our previous system and do away with the hall passes if we want to preserve our health and promote honesty at school.