Battlefront: new hope for new generation of console gaming


The first person shooter: a staple genre of online entertainment.

Unfortunately for the mettlesome gamers out there, it seems to have become a conformist product; every game company keeps cranking out the same thing because they know it will bring in some sort of easy profit.

These days, it appears as if everything that could have been added to this game category has already been done, if not, overdone. But there was a time when the over-saturated market that exists today had yet to take off. The original first person shooting games like DOOM and Goldeneye revolutionized the way electronic entertainment is perceived. In the early 2000’s, the shooting genre was still a fresh market just waiting to take off.

PS4 Gameplay of the Battlefront Beta
PS4 Gameplay of the Battlefront Beta

During September of 2004, entertainment company LucasArts spawned what is now considered by many to be the holy grail of electronic entertainment. Combining the everlasting Star Wars franchise with the game play mechanics of a first person shooter, Star Wars: Battlefront took the world by storm. It features the player taking control of a soldier placed in the middle of heated combat a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. It shattered expectations, and to this day holds up as one of the most memorable shooting games ever created.

LucasArts was on a roll, and had announced the amazingly anticipated Battlefront III. But something happened. The game was mostly finished, but it dropped off the radar. LucasArts had to dissolve the long awaited game after they failed to find the budget to fund it any further. The Battlefront series fell, and with it the entire perspective shooting genre as a whole.

Almost a decade later, video games are arguably even more popular than they were when we were younger. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have been dominating the market for a while now. But now that it has been a few months, we all expected that the library of games would at least help satisfy our desire for ground breaking entertainment. But it seems that there has yet to be anything that has even come close to sustaining us.

Darth Vader is one of the many playable fan favorites
Darth Vader is one of the many playable fan favorites

Games like Destiny and Elder Scrolls Online are entertaining, albeit only for a while. They simply do not hold up well after extended play. The Battlefront series has proven against this problem: standing the test of time. Avid fans were heartbroken when the LucasArts Company was dissolved, but a faint beam of light shone from this darkness. We quickly learned that EA and Dice acquired the exclusive rights to Star Wars games.

In 2013, our long awaited hopes were rekindled when Dice graced us with a short teaser trailer for their Battlefront reboot. Fans are hoping that the revival of this franchise can breathe life back in to the current generation of consoles. They have put their complete trust in DICE to develop a game that holds true to the franchise. The feedback from the recently released beta has been nothing but positive, and the success of this new Star Wars game will not only help revive the love for the series, but for the trust in current games themselves.

Help us DICE, you are our only hope.

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