Carrying the Fire Away: Students discuss implications, causes, consequences of Fall Olympics departure


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Olympics noteworthy, enjoyable

Erich Hennings


Those of us who are not freshman can vividly remember last year’s scramble to fill out health forms and insurance waivers for the first bubble soccer tournament on campus. The beginning of the week featured paperwork distribution and on Friday hundreds turned it back in, a record achievement for our student body.

The whole school was abuzz with the prospect of slamming into peers in giant plastic balls and they carried that excitement out onto the field. They were no less excited when later that same day they were treated to a faculty game of bubble soccer which quickly devolved into a rock-em and sock- em match between History Dean Brett Mills and everyone else.

The cause of all this commotion was our annual Fall Olympics, a recently returned tradition that provides students and faculty a chance to relax and release their frustrations through a physically challenging – or in the case of the Xbox tournament, virtually challenging – day of fun and games.

For you freshman who do not know and upperclassmen who forgot, last year for the first time each homeroom was assigned a nation and a truly international competition took place between homerooms.

Each room proudly represented their adopted nation throughout the events at Fall Olympics, from the basketball court to the track to ping pong tables.

In addition to bubble soccer, regular soccer, basketball tournaments, Xbox tournaments, the 100 meter dash and ping pong tournaments we also ha the option of the jousting inflatable sparring platform or the inflatable obstacle course.

The charm and benefit of Fall Olympics is the competitive nature of the event. Students get a chance to not only miss their everyday classes but to compete against their peers in a variety of sports.

Even students who are less inclined to athletics can still compete in less physically demanding activities that still prove to be great fun such as Xbox or ping pong.

For students, the first quarter of the school year is marked by the slow drag of the first eight weeks followed by the manic scramble of the last week to boost sagging GPAs.

It is rare that the average student is not stressed during the first quarter simply by the fact that they are back at school and summer is over.

While only time and a semester-long readjustment can fully alleviate the back-to-school stress, our annual Fall Olympics provides a day in which students relax, forget about their academic struggles and focus on balling out or smashing their friends in plastic balls.

Unfortunately this year, the forecast for Fall Olympics is a dismal one. Student Council has failed to convene in order to plan Fall Olympics.

I hate to be the bearer of such bad news, but facts are facts.

Many of you must feel the loss deeply and the only condolence I can offer is that all the donations you have made to out Student Council will be going towards providing lots of fun activities later this year. And while Fall Olympics will simply not be one of them, there is always the shining light of a possible Spring Olympics to give joy to students.


Event promotes skipping, laziness

Dominic Patronella


There is a dispute about whether Fall Olympics is cause enough to go to school over, and while it does count as a school day, the simple fact is that more people utilized the day last year to catch up on their sleep than anything else.

I am one of these people. I am not a fan of Fall Olympics. It is a waste of a day. Let us stay home and rest. It is not that I do not have school spirit, I just value my sleep and personal sanity a little bit more.

Last year, around a quarter of the student body did not show up. I do not remember much of Fall Olympics because it was so boring. Well, that is not entirely true. I do remember the frustration of not being able to leave early. That is pretty much it.

The last few years I have looked less and less forward to Fall Olympics. I do not know if it is because I am getting old or if the activities got less and less appealing, but I am slowly leaning towards option number two.

Fall Olympics should either be optional or a service day for those who need to catch up on their hours. However, if students do plan on taking the day as a service day, they need to come with verification the next day showing they did some sort of service because getting your hours in is no laughing matter.

Fall Olympics as a mandatory school day is utterly useless. If it is supposed to be a field day, then make it a traditional field day and not a gamer social outing.

The majority of the attendees last year seemed more interested in standing around watching their friends go head to head in a Madden tournament than actually getting any physical activity or exercise. The Olympics part of Fall Olympics seemed to get less and less important as the years went on.

If you want to have a gaming tournament on campus then call it something else. I am fine with the thought of those who would rather play GTA V or Street Fighter coming to school while I enjoy a few extra hours of sleep. But if you want to have a legitimate field day, then make it happen.

It would be more fun if there were people on the field and in the parking lot outside. If you want us to show up to something, give us a reason. Do not endorse the video game tournament more than the actual activities and games outside.

The reason that the 100 meter dash was such a disappointment was the fact that it was very poorly promoted and advertised. It did not help matters that each homeroom was given a country to play for that never panned out to much of anything because the games themselves had so few participants.

While it is true that Fall Olympics did provide a short break from the stress of grades and the first quarter as a whole, there is another miraculous cure for first quarter stress and it comes around once a week. And it does not involve promotion or advertisement of any type whatsoever.

This magical panacea is known as the weekend,which has never been cancelled by anyone for any reason.

The Fall Olympics essentially have the same residual effect on the general student body as a typical Saturday and Sunday. The greatest thing about the weekend is that you can go to sleep whenever you want.