Current senior privileges fail to live up to hype


Get your stuff turned in.

We heard this for weeks and weeks leading up to the class of 2016 being granted their senior privileges. These perks of being a senior are some of the things that separates the senior class from everyone else. It is not just the fact that we are more mature and wiser than any other senior class, but we are more fortunate as well.

However, this year our privileges are monumentally less significant than our predecessors, but we are going to try to make the most out of them. To do so, everyone had to first turn in their Magnus forms. In case you underclassmen did not know, Magnus forms are basically the forms we have to fill out so the school is not liable if anything happens to us.

They are nothing major when your day to day life is concerned, but as far as legal proceedings go, they are next to vital. I do not know why we are even allowed to come to school without these, but that is also none of my business.

But of course, there were a handful of seniors who were either lazy or trying to hold back our privileges on purpose. This little joke that they played was actually really hilarious. If by hilarious you mean incredibly annoying and time consuming. One of the things all seniors look forward to is the immense pleasure of getting to leave campus for lunch.

There are a handful of privileges this year, and none of them are very original or groundbreaking. I am only going to touch up on the most essential such as off campus lunch, designated parking for seniors, and dress down Fridays since these are often the most coveted and sought-after.

The privilege we have all been waiting for is off campus lunch. Everyone loves food outside of the school, there can be no debate. There are a lot of good places close to campus such as Five Guys, Velvet Taco, and Torchy’s.FiveGuys Logo BIZBUYSELL 2-20-2014

However, I do have a bit of an issue with the fact that our current lunch period does not allow for much time to actually get to class without being tardy. We live in Houston. In case you are unaware, big cities have certain drawbacks. One of these is the simple impossibility of avoiding traffic, no matter where your destination is located.

Forty five minutes is simply not enough time to leave campus, drive to a fast food place and wait for your order. I do not know whether the solution is allowing our seniors to leave class five minutes earlier so that we can get on the road or allotting a five minute grace period so that we do not start racking up tardies.

There has been a bit of a parking issue for the seniors.

To start off the year, we had our senior parking lot stripped away from us. This was another one of the highly sought-after senior privileges and we were unfortunately denied. It was turned into a visitor lot but I only see about five cars at most parked there at one time. It is not that I have a major issue with the concept of a visitor parking lot. I have a severe issue with the fact that it is not being used by more than four or five people at a time.

If you are going to designate a lot for those individuals who visit our campus then I suggest it gets utilized to its maximum potential. If not, return it to its intended purpose. If the visitor lot continues to only be utilized by a small minority of drivers, the lot needs to be turned over to the senior class who will gladly fill it up.Because regardless of where we are allowed to park this year, you can bet every dollar in the bank that the spaces are going to be filled to capacity every single day.

Instead, we are being compensated with designated parking in the garage. This is one thing that I am relatively fine with changing. Under the old system, exiting the garage took an unreasonable amount of time. This was a severe problem when the senior class is loaded down with homework, essays, and papers to write.
For those of us who live in such neighborhoods as Conroe or Sugarland, every minute counts when you are trying to beat the aforementioned Houston traffic and it was nothing but frustrating and infuriating having to wait in line just to leave school.

It was a problem when sophomores and juniors parked on the second floor. It was not just a matter of privilege because we are seniors. It was a matter of time and convenience. I understand that everyone wants to get home after a long day at school, but I feel that we have more than earned the right to get a little bit of a head start when it comes to the massive traffic jam that is our campus parking lot.

I am totally fine with the underclassmen being forced to stick to the higher floors of the parking garage as long as this policy is actually adhered to. I also have a sincere problem with the lack of creativity within the list of granted privileges. Phone and headphone usage in study hall, music in the hallways, and dress down days have magnumpi_shirt[1]-600x600all been done before.

Another new privilege is the ability to wear Hawaiian shirts on certain days. However, this does not even apply to some of the seniors who do not exactly find these shirts to be the most appealing in the world. I do not have a problem with all of our senior privileges, just most of them.