Eagle Ambassadors give school newfound shine

School Tours 10-7-15 GS (55)
Junior Michael Gentempo gives a tour to a group of eager middle schoolers who are ready to attack the beast that is high school. Gentempo is one of many Eagle Ambassadors who has contributed to this revived area of admissions. (Photo credit Garrett Sorrels)

You know these guys as your peers, but they risk their lives a few times a week for the good of the school.

These unsung heroes are part of an elite task force known as the Eagle Ambassadors. Their duties as members of this high level squad consist of giving prospective students tours and showing off our beloved school for what it really is, a sanctuary for the extraordinary.

There is a new face who has taken the admissions department by the throat in his first few months at the helm, Keith Page. Page is a veteran of admissions as well as a stalwart of the football and baseball coaching staffs.

Page’s rise to the summit of admissions was expected as he helps STH bring in the best athletes, scholars, artists, and philanthropists from around the Houston area. He is known for his killer instinct and love of his job, and all of us students should be eternally grateful for his invaluable services to our community. Page and Claudia Walker of the front office are the key players in the club being revamped. They both understood the importance of an organized approach to a student-lead admissions campaign.

“This is an idea I have been toying with for awhile. Page said. “Mrs. Walker is the one who really got the ball rolling to re-establish Eagle Ambassadors as a club.”

Page and his Eagle Ambassadors are an example of what makes STH a great place to be a scholar, athlete, thespian, or public servant. The members of the Eagle Ambassadors all bring a different and important talent to the school that prospective students care about.

For example, Matthew Ashbaugh is a member of the club who maintains high grades while being an excellent athlete. His performance on the baseball diamond and in the classroom is as impressive as it gets for a student. Ashbaugh has aspirations of playing high level Division 1 baseball at a highly academic institution. A student-athlete such as Ashbaugh is a great example of a student who gives up his time for the future of our beloved school.

“It gives me a good opportunity to show a glimpse of what it is like to be a student here. I can help a kid make a good decision about where they should attend high school.”

-Matthew Ashbaugh ’16

Another Eagle Ambassador and star EBN anchor, Ryan Chandler exemplifies the diversity of students who are members of the new club. Chandler is an established member of the debate team along with being the face of our broadcast network. This combination of extracurriculars gives a different and refreshing taste to the group of Eagle Ambassadors where many of the members are athletes. Chandler is an example of a student who decided to blaze his own trail. That is what being an Eagle is about, showing your true colors and making a name for yourself because you are outstanding at many things.

Students who go on tours understand the importance of these students and their service. A tour is a very important part of the admissions process because it truly allows the student to experience the school as a whole. When a student is fully immersed in the culture like this they can feel as if they should attend a school or not. Where a person decides to attend high school is one of the most important decisions of their life, and tours and help from people such as the Eagle Ambassadors are instrumental in a prospective student’s choice.

The guys who give these tours show why this is a great place to go to school, and we are fortunate as a school to have a prime location, a powerhouse athletic program, smart and qualified teachers, exceptional spiritual guidance, and tradition like none other. It is remarkable that all of this can be put on display in a short forty-five minute tour.

Next time you come across Page or an Eagle Ambassador hold a door for them, give them a fist pump, pat them on the back, or caw like an eagle so that they know they are appreciated.  Without these students on the front lines our beloved school would not be what it is today, and they cannot be thanked enough for that.


Henry is a senior at St. Thomas and is the M.E. of The Eagle. He is commonly referred to as “The Enforcer” by staff members and section editors. He is a shrewd man with strong views on almost everything. Not only is he a star in the Publications Lab, but he is a modern day Picasso on the links. He aspires to play collegiate golf after a stellar high school career in the grueling conference that is TAPPS 5A. He is by far Mr. Cuccia’s favorite student as well.