Eagles grow it out

(Photo credit senior Nick Silva)
(Photo credit senior Nick Silva)

No Shave November is an iconic event all across America. The point of no shave November is to use the money that would go toward hair care products and donate to places like American Cancer Society. However, this is more than just your regular cancer awareness event though, at St. Thomas, it is a competition to see who the manliest man in all of the senior class is.

The head referee for this “No Shave November” season is math teacher Richard Lewis. Lewis’ beard is a robust blend of grey and black that maintains perfect shape throughout the day. He takes the classic Colonel Sanders goatee approach and has rocked it for a while. His advice to students is to shave the neck so that it does not look gross or “pre-pubescent”.

He also encourages students to try the goatee for themselves and see where that takes them. An underdog that most people have not considered for this is Jeff “Milkshake” Landreneau. Standing at a staggering 6 feet and 180 pounds Jeffery plans on starting the first weeks of the season with the classic “PreTeen Patch”. In the later weeks when he is in midseason shape he is going to attempt “The Chops.” Jeffery is a waiver wire pickup that would add to anyone’s fantasy facial hair team.

A first round draft pick for your fantasy facial hair team should be the lean, mean, fighting machine William Heck. Not only is this man a superstar on the football field and track, but he has been priming for this season since birth. He is a facial hair guru and during the summer preseason put on a spectacular show for the city of Houston. He is going to take the “Jack Taylor” beard head on and is confident that he will come out victorious

Cameron “The Wildcard” Owens is going to be a big hit or miss for this upcoming season. He has decided to tackle one of the most difficult beard designs of the decade, “The Django.” The main worry for this beard design is the lack of time that Cameron has to complete this epic feat. It takes a lot of grooming and trimming to get a beard to that epic of proportions.

Last but certainly not least, Alex “The Flow” Aiza. He has already mastered the hairstyle division and is being moved up to the big leagues this season. Beards and wings are two very different things, but Alejandro is very confident that he will be able to perform. He is going for the simple, yet effective “Pablo Escobar” look. He has always been inspired by this man’s mustache and is looking forward to completing this challenge.

Though these are only a few of the frontrunners for the upcoming season, many seniors such as Colin Jones, Aidan deLaunay and Kenny Nguyen are expected to perform at the highest level this upcoming season. This is a one time notification about starting a team. There is not going to be an announcement every five minutes on EBN telling you to play. This is not Fan Duel or Draft Kings.

Joshua is captain of the St. Thomas Rugby Team. He is on St. Thomas Club, participates in the Choices Club, FCA, is a Senior Leader, and President of the Student Council Spirit Committee.