Fun things to do in H-Town



Houston is not known for being a big tourist hot spot, but for the residents of this great metropolis there are an abundance of entertaining activities to do and participate in.

One of the unique spots to visit on the weekends is the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Houstonians probably remember visiting the HMNS when they were young, but the museum is different now. They have updated a good portion of the museum to the point where you are going to have to ask for directions. Everything is hustling and bustling from dinosaurs to the planetarium, the HMNS is a wonderful place to learn and discover cool and interesting facts about the world.

With the weather getting cooler, the Houston Zoo might not be a bad option for a Saturday afternoon. The Zoo has an intriguingly interesting arrangement of lights that would be the perfect spot for a causal date.

These are great spots to go to during the day, but Houston has a very fun night life.  Houston is a culinary center with an assortment of different palates to satisfy anyone’s appetite. Any type offood you want, Houston has it.  Texans are known for their outstanding barbeque, and Houston is no slouch in that department. Some of the best barbeque in Houston can be found at Goode Company BBQ. From brisket to jalapeño cheese bread, Goode Co. has it all.

A BBQ joint that is a bit less known, but equally delicious is Fainmous BBQ. Hailing from Tennessee, Fainmous brings a different perspective on barbecue and delivers. With a relatively cheap two-meat and two-side combo, you get way more than you pay for.

After going to see a movie at Edwards Greenway, sophomore Rian Garcia says one of his favorite restaurants to eat at with some friends is the Cadillac Bar on Shepherd Drive. “I recommend the tortilla soup,” Garcia said about his favorite meal at the Cadillac Bar.

One really cool part of Houston is the amount of small local music venues. Almost everyone knows about the big crowd drawers such as the Toyota Center and the House of Blues, but there are some smaller venues that are easier to get in to and are less expensive.

Senior Alexander Archer goes to concerts often. Some of his favorite music venues include Walters and Fitzgerald’s. “The atmosphere is really friendly and anyone can fit in there, and they are always playing good tunes,” Archer said about Walters.

Houston has a variety of opportunities for fun on the weekends, it just might take a little searching.

Will, or as most people refer to him as "that kid who drives the Prius." Once in the second grade, Will wrote to the Houston Zoo about the Okapi exhibit to complain how the tree stump in the middle of the exhibit was disrupting the Okapi's daily life. Needless to say, the zookeeper had no idea what Will was talking about.