Halloween horror roast session: The Visit


M. Night Shyamalan is a very tragic story when discussing movies.

Sixth Sense is a film worth praising, but even it has clunky and awkward moments. Two of Shyamalan’s movies, Unbreakable and Signs, were introduced as clever but pandering sci-fi’s and M. Night was considered the next Spielberg.

Trailers and advertisement held him as a horror legend, which is not true at all, leading to the misinterpreted boring works The Village and the dreadful Lady in the Water. By this point, Shyamalan was starting to get mocked for his self praises and cameos in his movies, but the worst was yet to come when the studio made him do a R-rated horror, spawning the laugh riot environmental movie The Happening.

Laughter turned to hatred as M. Night destroyed a beloved T.V. series with the adaptation The Last Airbender, and Will Smith used him as a vessel to make his son a superstar in the atrocious sci-fi flick After Earth.

This is where M. Night Shyamalan left the mainstream studios and shot an independent movie. Distributed by Blumhouse Films, this horror/comedy was meant as a comeback and a new take on the found footage genre. This movie which recently aired in theaters is The Visit.

There is no short answer to tell whether this film was a successful comeback. Although it was better than his two most recent films, the film failed on the most basic of concepts. The main problem with this movie is how underwhelming the film is. It has no unique characters to support it’s fairy-tale-like premise.

The film follows the daughter (aspiring documentary filmmaker) and son (aspiring rapper) of Kathryn Hahn who visit their grandmother and grandfather for the first time. Creepiness factor is lost by sloppy filming and, with the exception of the shoved in demonic possession, the grandparents are really just pitiable.

The comedy fell flat on all levels, Social commentary was more mocking than intelligent, and all running jokes set by the son are cringe worthy at best. Meanwhile, M. Night Shyamalan continues to be a respected man in the film industry. Unfortunately for avid fans, this horror flick was not as great as it could have been.

John Keusenkothen is a senior at St. Thomas and is the resident movie expert of The Eagle. Keusenkothen will answer any question about movies unless one asks him what his favorite is. His favorite holiday is National Nothing Day, (January 16th) and his favorite role model is himself. Approach with caution and possibly with chocolate milk.