Music in Review: What A Time To Be Alive



Somehow they did it again.

Drake and Future managed to stay atop the rap kingdom with their collaboration on “What a Time to Be Alive.”

This mix features the two hip-hop kingpins, who were somehow able to contrast their styles effortlessly with a mix of catchy tracks.

The two kingpins were rumored to have created this entire mixtape in just 6 days. In the first week alone, “What a Time to be Alive” managed to sell over 375,000 copies, placing it atop the Billboard 200 rankings for top albums. This placing gave both Drake (“If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”) and Future (“Dirty Sprite 2”) their second number one album of 2015.

Future took the leading role in the album, leaving Drake as an afterthought. This became entirely evident in the song, “I’m the Plug”, since Drake does not even moderately have the rap style or appearance of being hood.

Future’s role in the album was also widely due to the fact that the beats, produced by critically acclaimed artist Metro Boomin, were more to his style. The slow trap music theme along with the booming bass on the majority of songs left Drake feeling out of his element.

Despite this, Drake and Future were able to mix very well on songs like “Live from the Gutter” and “Change Locations” due to the good hooks and how the beats fit both of their styles.

Songs like “Jumpman” and “Big Rings” are fast-paced hype songs that are already hits, while the opening track on the album, “Digital Dash”, brings back memories of Future’s notorious hit, “Commas.” The album closed off with two solo tracks for each artist. Future’s “Jersey” sounded like it was right off of Dirty Sprite 2, while Drake’s “30 for 30 Freestyle” was a classic song from him with what could have been a preview of what is to come on his impending album.

I recommend this album to any big fan of Future, who may have possibly passed up Drake in some respects.

Andrew Johnson is a senior at St. Thomas High School. He is a writer for the entertainment section of the paper. Drew enjoys winning in UCAL basketball, sleeping, and watching sports. His dislikes include Stephen Curry and anything in Dallas.