Notable decline in quality of pizza


To the Editor:

The pizza in the cafeteria is no longer acceptable to eat. What was once a fine, crunchy, cheesy slice of satisfaction has turned into a droopy, grease filled wreck.

Around the middle of my freshman year I noticed the quality of the pizza start to waiver. Since then, it’s only gone downhill. The pizza droops and drips with grease. The pepperoni is sparse. The cheese is a mess, often sliding off the pizza before I can even take a bite. The underside of the pizza has the texture of damp cardboard.

At least once a week I still buy a slice of the cafeteria pizza in hope that the tastiness I once bit into will return.

My hopes are in vain it seems however, as after each bite my mouth is again and again attacked by the grease, slime, and disappointment that is our cafeterias pizza.

Cade Cusack