Birkofer, Morris to attend Federal Reserve Student Board Program


Every year, economics/government teacher Mr. Philip Gensheimer chooses two of his best economics students to attend the Federal Reserve Student Board Program.

This year, seniors Ted Birkofer and Jackson Morris have been selected to participate in the highly esteemed economic bonanza. Birkofer and Morris will travel to the Houston Federal Reserve once a month on Thursdays. They will take a tour of the Federal Reserve. There will be interesting speakers such as Sallie Sargent who is the CEO of the Houston Superbowl Host Committee. Birkofer and Morris will meet with a multitude of students all across Houston.

 “I applied to the program because I want to study economics in college, and this is an amazing learning opportunity get a head start”

-Ted Birkofer, senior

This is a great opportunity and learning experience for anyone looking for economics knowledge during their senior year and for anyone who wants to learn the ins and outs of the Federal Reserve and for anyone aspiring to study economics in the future this is a great learning option to further their knowledge.

Birkofer and Morris begin their Federal Reserve economics adventure on November 5th.


Will, or as most people refer to him as "that kid who drives the Prius." Once in the second grade, Will wrote to the Houston Zoo about the Okapi exhibit to complain how the tree stump in the middle of the exhibit was disrupting the Okapi's daily life. Needless to say, the zookeeper had no idea what Will was talking about.