Intramural life provides for outlet beyond athletic program

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Senior Ted Birkofer practices ultimate frisbee after school on Hotze Field. Ultimate is the most popular intramural sport, but students participate in many more outside of school athletic teams. (Photo by Nick Silva)

Every person in the world needs some sort of physical activity.

Some chose to do this through a daily workout or a casual jog at the park, while others do organized team sports through school or another league. But only the best of the best participate in what is revered as the greatest form of recreation in the history of physical activities, intramural sports.

Intramural sports, for those who were not aware already, are recreational sports that usually included activities such as basketball, ultimate frisbee, football, baseball, slow-pitch softball, soccer and the occasional tennis. These usually consist of leagues with teams and can be found from colleges to city-sponsored leagues, all depending on location. Intramural sports are actually some of the most competitive recreational activities anyone could ever participate in.

Disregarding intramural athletes as not being actual athletes is a down right insult. In fact, the people that make these false accusations are usually ones to end up being bitten by a king cobra because they mistook it for a harmless garden snake. Intramural sports are anything but a joke.

As a matter of fact, some athletes take their intramural activities more serious than their school sanctioned ones. There are good and bad places to go when participating in these ultra intense recreations.

For basketball, the top choice among many students is West University Methodist Church’s UCAL. This league is well-known by a good margin of the student body and holds a reputation for its great competition among Houston area teens.

UCAL holds games a couple times a week giving participants plenty of time to play without forcing a sacrifice of too much time. All in all UCAL is without a doubt the intramural recreation spot for athletes looking too ball up around Houston.

While there are many other places to play, UCAL serves as a great example of effective intramurals for athletes everywhere.

Apart from being a great way to spend free or not so free time, intramurals also offer benefits to athletes that chose to participate. During the off season athletes can chose to do a variety of things. They can chose to do absolutely nothing and continue to stay at the same level of play they were the season prior or they can invest their time in something worthwhile like lifting or off season training.

But, you can find the best athletes investing their time in intramural sports. Intramurals not only provide a way to stay fit in the off-season but they also provides team building and leadership through friendly competition.

Simen Borland is a senior at St. Thomas. Besides being writer for The Eagle newspaper he likes to play sports. Baseballs, footballs, and basketballs are among his favorite sports. He is also apart of the world renown Eagle Guard, as seen at any STH football game. Hobbies of his include waterskiing, watching Netflix, and underwater basket weaving. Simen can be seen driving in his black LandCruiser SUV wearing his Costas, while only having fished a handful of times in his life. He plans to attend any college that will accept him.