Learning Common hours hinder students



To the Editor:

Although St. Thomas is a wonderful school, it does have one flaw. This flaw is that students are not allowed to stay in the library past 4:00 p.m.

This forces students who stay late after school to do their studies in the hallways, consequently slowing down students’ efficiency causing them to stay up late into the night doing their homework.

Lack of sleep from the night before causes students to sleep in class. Sleeping in class causes detentions. Detentions waste the time of students and more importantly the teachers.

In order to solve this problem, only one teacher would need to stay in the library. Having a teacher in the library until 5:00 p.m. kills two birds with one stone. The teacher could be grading papers and getting work done, while the students could be doing their homework. Both scenarios are positive and maximize efficiency.

Different teachers could watch over the library on different days based on a rotating schedule. Allowing the library to stay open also allows students to have access to the printers, chess boards, and books. Because this idea does not require too much of a time commitment from any one teachers, I strongly believe it should be taken into consideration.

Nathan Bryant