NHS members start AIM program


NHS Induction - 10-06-15 - JMC 170
NHS inductees for 2015

On Wednesday, October 28 the National Honor Society started its AIM program for the year.

The NHS members were recently inducted, and the AIM program is their service to the student body.

Through the program, students will be tutored by NHS members in all subjects during study halls on Wednesday in the Learning Commons. Steven Fuchs, math specialist in the Learning Commons, along with Dr. Pete Nordloh, dean of science, are the leaders of the AIM program.

They both hope that through the program students who need the most help in academics will be able to learn and grow in all areas of their studies. The NHS members are not merely tutors for one period though, as they eventually become friends with their pupils. The friendship will only add to the ability to learn, and it will also add to the brotherhood found between all members of the student body.