Students bored of school events

Orientation Dance - 08-21-15 - BL (11)
Orientation Dance

When was the last time you went to a dance?

How about a soccer game or a croquet tournament? If you have not, then congratulations. You may lay claim to “cool” status. Go ahead and update your Facebook or MySpace page, you have earned it.

Our student council offers a slew of events throughout the school year and even over the summer, many of which are attended by a large contingent of the student body. Notably, however, there is always select few, an elite if you will, among the students here at STH that are always absent from school events. Who are these mystery people? How did they become so distinguished? The answer: they are the cool kids, they were born with it. The school often advertises studious, academic and athletic locale falls to pieces around this group and their incredible level of chill.

Many other fellow Eagles would rather keep their school and regular life evenly divided between the required school hours and everything else. For many, school itself holds little enough appeal and attempting to socialize with people from school, on campus and outside of class is an illogical notion. Their time is better occupied by creating their own “events” with friends during times when others would still be stuck on campus.

Those rare members of this cool crowd seize the day and use their free time in an environment of their choosing, with the people they want to hang out with, doing what they want, often something that is frowned upon on campus. Another reason that no one cool goes to school events is because of the numerous increases of security measures at school events recently. Many students feel the increased pressure during school events nowadays and rather than suffer the steady glare of faculty, they skip the event and above all, the scrutiny.

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A school event done right. Photo by Garrett Sorrels

School events are meant to cultivate a strong sense of community among not just students, but also the faculty and often entire families as well. They can be golden opportunities to make memories with friends, however the social pressures of the masses can also ruin people’s ability to enjoy themselves at the events. Overtime, it seems school events have lost their appeal and students would rather exercise what independence they can by making their own schedule which is an admirable endeavor.

At the same time it should be understood that attending school events can be an enjoyable experience. This does not mean in any way that one has to sacrifice their freedom to attend and enjoy these. Some school events are poorly attended, and the attendance reflects a negative atmosphere at STH, unlike the well-attended football games. It should be a priority to fix this problem quickly.


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