Synchronization of bells, clocks helps students, teachers adjust


It is one of the most relieving sounds that can be encountered during a typical school day. The sweet ring of the bells signifying the end of class always comes as a relief, whether it is eight in the morning or three in the afternoon, but in the past the clocks on campus never quite seemed to match up with the bell schedule.

This year, however, the change was made. With our new bell system came the synchronization of our bells, with the many different schedules, and the clocks. This change allows both students and teachers to get their minds and bodies on a certain schedule without getting annoyed at the fact that the bell rang three or four minutes after it was supposed to.

Despite the fact that this might seem like a minor detail in the everyday life of a busy student, every little thing counts when you are trying to remain focused during the day.

The bells and the clocks finally matching up is indeed a step in the right direction for the campus in general. This change will only make the transitions from class to class easier for students and teachers alike.