A Magical Experience


Widely recognized as the “most magical place on Earth,” Disney World is renowned as a place of birth for memories. For members of the St. Thomas publications and broadcast team, it is a place to bond in brotherly fraternity.

The excitement began at Hobby International Airport in Houston. Students clamored for the Magic Kingdom, unable to contain their excitement for the days to come. After a 2 hour long plane ride to the Sunshine State, the men of St. Thomas arrived at the famed Dolphin Hotel and converged straight towards Disney World.

Memories were made as the students toured the theme park looking for an activity to do next and found it with little effort. The theme park is filled to brim with activities, munching at a number of the park’s eateries and riding on whiplash inducing and death-defying thrill rides.

One such ride was the Space Mountain, described by junior Ryan Chandler as the “best roller coaster at the park.” A set of three people ride in complete darkness, allowing for a thrill of a lifetime as the suspense of the next drop looms with every comfortable breath. The ride was so enjoyable that Chandler rode it twice back to back.

“Space Mountain is better than I remember it. Definitely the best ride that Disney has to offer.”

-Ryan Chandler, Junior

Chandler’s description of Space Mountain is perhaps best articulated through a video by TheCoasterViews:

Senior Nick Silva bought some souvenirs for his loved ones. One of these souvenirs included a Stitch plush doll, which held a special place in his heart. Silva wanted to bring some of the magic home with him.

“I just wanted to bring some of the magic home. It’s the least I could do for my loved ones who did not have the opportunity that I had.”

-Nick Silva, Senior

At the end of the day, the 10 students had only explored a tiny part of Disney World, surely a testament to the sheer size of the location. The team arrived at 3:00 PM and left at 7:00 PM. However, by that time, the theme park had turned into a different, more beautiful place. The shimmering lights of Cinderella’s Castle fell upon the Magic Kingdom as the students were wide-eyed with fascination.

“At night it’s spectacular. They light up the castle in such a way that it just shines bright. It’s the most beautiful thing that you can see.”

-Adrian Fonseca, Senior

Without a doubt, seeing Disney World at night should be on the bucket list of every person in this small world.

Watch Griffin DeClaire interview numerous attendees of the NSPA conference about their Disney experience:


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