A day in the life of campus legend: Easy E



Eric Moore is not your average St. Thomas student.

6 AM The sun is not up yet but Eric Moore is already primed. A quick shower, a few push ups, a couple neck stretches, and he is out the door.

6:30 AM Time to hit the iron. An upper body neck enthusiast, Eric prides himself on getting yoked. “I lift only part of the time, the other half I simply examine the muscles looking for my veins to pop out,” said Eric.

7:50 AM School starts and the brain begins working for Eric. Ceramics is A period. An aspiring artist, Eric Moore crafts STH’s finest art pieces that can be seen all around campus. Next comes Math, then some volcanoes with Doc, and later awe-inspiring novels narrated by STH’s own, Mrs. Thornton.

Lunch Time The king of off campus, Eric Moore is an undercover food critic. Trying the different eateries near STH, Eric knows a thing or two about where a fine man like himself should dine.

After Lunch Following Lunch is the greatest of them all for Eric, PE. A “jack of all trades”, Eric showcases his repertoire of athletic skills to Coach McGuire and fellow classmates. “He’s been a PE All-American all 4 years here at STH, it’s amazing”, McGuire commented. After breaking a sweat, Eric dissects America’s financial state in Economics. “Mr. Gensheimer you’re the boss”, Eric said following yet another A on an Economics. Lastly, the sleeper pick, the nail-biter, Theology class. Eric Moore did not attain his glory all on His own. It was God-given. Eric pays his respects everyday during H period for God’s grace.

3:10 PM Time to hit the diamond. Before hitting the field, Eric makes sure to remove his state ring from his finger, to prevent it getting dirty. Dingers later, practice is over but Eric’s day is not over. A hop, skip and a jump away from the gridiron, Eric rekindles another one of his crafts. “The uprights mean more than what they resemble. They’re more than just yellow poles.”, Eric said. The football team is currently making a run toward the playoffs and Eric knows he must be ready whenever he gets the call from Coach Fitzpatrick. As the sun sets so does Eric. A not-so-average day for a not-so-average kid.

Blake Steele goes to St. Thomas High School. He plays varsity rugby and football. Blake is a very social person who is smooth with the ladies. He also happens to be a fantasy football enthusiast. On the football field, Blake is known for having a "No Fly Zone", and is every quarterback's nightmare. People refer to him as former Ravens LB, Ray Lewis.