Basketball ready for big results


Ever since the school year has begun it has been football, football, football.

Every student looks forward to attending the big game on Friday every week. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, students should also be excited for another sport outside of football: basketball.

Believe it or not the school year is nearly half of the way over and to many it seems like it had just begun. With the coming of the colder weather and crisper air, also comes the beginning of basketball season. Every student loves to flock to the gym and cram themselves among a couple hundred other sweaty guys to watch the Eagles kick some tail.

There is nothing more exhilarating than watching the team compete against worthy and not so worthy opponents during the season. The crowd hype alone is something to get excited for. There is nothing better than watching Jeremy Peck completely embarrass some pushover of a center with a slam dunk. Or Colin Jones make a game winning three accompanied by the uproar of applause from the Reckling Rowdies.

Nothing would be more exciting than the performance of the team on their to multiple wins. With only a couple of the starters last year having moved on to college, much of the team is composed of returning seniors, juniors and a couple sophomores. Among those are seniors Colin Jones, Jeremy Peck and Randy Brumant.

The players have big plans for the upcoming season and are hungry for a State championship.

Simen Borland is a senior at St. Thomas. Besides being writer for The Eagle newspaper he likes to play sports. Baseballs, footballs, and basketballs are among his favorite sports. He is also apart of the world renown Eagle Guard, as seen at any STH football game. Hobbies of his include waterskiing, watching Netflix, and underwater basket weaving. Simen can be seen driving in his black LandCruiser SUV wearing his Costas, while only having fished a handful of times in his life. He plans to attend any college that will accept him.