Cold weather should prompt lenience in dress code policy

Photo by Nick Silva.

With the arrival of colder weather comes a slight alteration in everyday clothing options.

Those of us who have grown up in the south must reach for a jacket once the calendar hits November and rolls onward.

This being said, some mercy is called for when it comes to jackets failing to be in one hundred percent compliance with the ever-tightening dress code. If the opportunity presents itself for a student to wear a multi-colored jacket that happens to either be the only jacket he owns or the warmest one he owns, he should not be subjected to the inevitable walk of shame that arises from being called out on his choice of outerwear by a teacher.

Students understand that the dress code and all of its incarnations were designed and intended to make the student body look more uniform and neat on the whole. However, the weather and personal well-being of the entire population should also be taken into account, and some sensibility is indeed called for in these situations