Comedy in review: HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ geared toward people like you


“Silicon Valley” is perhaps the best comedy show on television.

But technically, it’s not just television, it’s HBO. Starring Thomas Middleditch as Richard Hendricks, “Silicon Valley” follows tech start-up Pied Piper as they navigate their way to become a multi-billion dollar company, at least that is the goal.

Taking place in the namesake location, “Silicon Valley” is filled to the brim with hilarious satires of real-world companies. An example of which is Hooli, a parody of Google whose main and sole goal is to “make the world a better place.”

The first season of starts off with Pied Piper preparing for competition at the annual TechCrunch Disrupt, a conference where startups from around the nation showcase their technology on stage in front of venture capital investors in an attempt to gain startup money.

Richard and the crew are attempting to unveil their compression algorithm which compresses files to a smaller size with no loss. The antics of season one are top-notch ranging from beating up a kid for giving out fake cognitive enhancers, to creating a hysterical mathematical equation to fin the answer to an extremely juvenile, yet rather intriguing question. TJ Miller’s Erlich Bachman plays a great counter/partner to Thomas Middleditch’s Richard Hendricks.

The two play off each other like good cop/bad cop with Richard being the socially awkward nerd managing things behind the scenes while Erlich is the egotistic frontman leading the charge in terms of presentation. If there is any real life relationship that I could compare it to it would be Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs.

Season one saw the Pied Piper gang working towards TechCrunch Disrupt while season two sees them working towards beating a lawsuit from Hooli, or Google. Now that the Pied Piper compression algorithm is now revealed to the world, the gang has to defend their algorithm from the prying hands of Silicon Valley.

From the corporate giant Hooli to the smaller unoriginal startups, everyone wants a slice of the Pied Piper pie. The lawsuit from Hooli is dragged out to the end of the season which culminates in an extremely unexpected decision from investors of Pied Piper. So if you are a fan of comedy and want to discover something new at the end of something funny, Silicon Valley is for you.

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