Costly penalty can add up for simple formatting errors on papers


1-18-2016 2-07 PM

To the Editor:

My rant is about the MLA rules for the subject of English and the format for other typed papers for other classes.

I do not even know who even came up with the MLA format rules and where did it come from. MLA format is always double-spaced, heading with your full name, name of the teacher, subject of the class, the date and having your last name on the one-inch left alignment, although if only one page, it is not required.

I hate how it is -25 points if you do not follow the format or if you forget to double space.

My most common mistake I get on MLA format is not putting the left alignment to a one inch to the margin.

If you got no mistakes on your typed preparation for any class except wrong MLA format, you still get off which is -20 points, which can be very crucial in your grade. You get a B, which is alright, but if you are careful.

At the end of the day, you got to learn from your mistake and just simply follow the correct guidelines for MLA format. Every day, especially through typed work, students always use MLA format. Everyone should always do their typed preparation for any class with the correct MLA format. Each day, everyone should get better and better on the correct MLA format because it is the easy way to not get a deduction of 20 points.

Everyone should not be careless on it since we always use the format almost every day.

Justin Estuart