Eagles pursue next level athletic endeavours

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Freshman quarterback Peyton Matocha winds up in the JV game against Episcopal September 17 on Hotze Field at Granger Stadium. Matocha has shown extraordinary progress as a freshman. Many other freshman up and comers are believed to be the future of Eagle athletics and plan to fill the shoes of current seniors moving up and moving on. (Photo by Nick Silva)

High school starts the process of recruiting for college level sports.

In order to be recruited though, athletes must be able to stay true to the word student-athlete, and most of all, they must be able to prove themselves in all aspects of their respective sport. Eagles rugby has produced world class talent at the college and Olympic levels.

Hoping to fill the shoes of their predecessors, junior Griffin Maat and senior Jake Duron have been working hard in order to play college level rugby. Maat was recently invited to the USA National Rugby Team training in Houston. The training is the pathway to the U.S.A. High School All-American program.

“I am currently in contact with St. Joseph’s Prep, Life University, Lindenwood, A&M and West Point. Most schools are club teams that are more recreational, but some, like the ones I am in contact with, are full on D1 teams.”

-Griffin Maat, star Rugby player

Duron attended the ATAVUS/USA Rugby resident summer camp in Seattle in hopes of bettering his skills for college rugby. “I am looking into playing for Texas A&M or the University of Arkansas. Rugby is the fastest growing sport in the U.S. so scholarships are hard to get,” he said.

Seniors Colin Jones and Randall Brumant are basketball stars that are both hoping to go on and play some ball in college.

“I am talking with three different colleges right now. Going to camps and playing in summer leagues has really helped me get noticed.”

-Colin Jones, senior

Brumant is an imposing figure any college would love to have on their team.

“I am in contact with some Ivy League schools, like Dartmouth, and also some D2 colleges. I would say that just really trying to put yourself out there by sending tapes and going to summer camps is the best way to get the attention of college coaches.”

-Randall Bruamant, senior

The golf team has been producing some great talent as of late.

Clay McCrory, who graduated last year, is now playing for Lamar University. Hoping to follow in McCrory footsteps, senior Henry Fisher and junior Henry Suman are looking into the college golf sphere. With around three-hundred D1 golf teams, there are numerous options for the two Henrys. “I have received offers from Occidental and University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley,” Fisher said.“Both schools were great, it is just a matter of what is best for me and my family.”

Of Suman: “I am in talks with a handful of colleges right now. They are looking for physical ability, raw talent, and how I could handle the pressures of being a college athlete.” All prospective college athletes have proved themselves in high school to gain the opportunity to play at the next level.

Through summer camps, Hudl highlights and raw stats coaches have taken an interest in the best of the best on campus. The athletes that continue to play their sport past high school are the real deal, and they will live on in school history as those who not only can perform on the high school level, but also on the collegiate field.

Riley "The Bish" Bishop is a senior and Editor-in-Chief of the Aquin Yearbook. He will be attending the University of Georgia in the fall. He is currently on speed dial with the top 10 supermodels in the world. Check out his Hudl profile.