Grape Propel lacking in cafeteria, needs return

Grape Propel Missing

Where is the Grape Propel? Photo by Nick Silva.

To the Editor:

At the beginning of the year I had soccer practice almost every day before school. I had to wake up early, then run. Waking up early was equally as tiring as the practice itself.

I only had enough energy to make it through half the day without my mind going to mush.

The amazing thing that rejuvenated me during lunch was the divine dew denoted as Grape Propel. Grape Propel is the drink that has the perfect ratio between flavoring and quality water.

As a result, I have abstained from purchasing the lemon flavored Propel for it does not live up to its predecessor. Grape Propel is to me as petrol is to a car. I have never been the same since the cafeteria changed the flavors. My life seems grimmer now.

Your body is like a Ferrari: you need to give it the best fuel possible so it can run at its best performance. Grape Propel is that golden nectar. The grape taste is as sweet and velvety as Morgan Freeman’s voice.

The purple combined with blue is much better than the awkward yellow and blue combination. I believe many students will have my back when I say that we all want Grape Propel back. St. Thomas has not been the same since the switch.

Rory Gonzalez