Hagler tabbed as new Choices counselor

Choices Counselor Patrick Hagler leads one of the annual Conversations that Count evening seminars. He is the first such counselor who is dedicated full-time to STH.

For those who do not know, the Choices Counselor is a counselor who talks to high school students about high risk behaviors such as use of drugs, alcohol or any other dangerous behaviors that people in high school should avoid.

He or she gives scientific and logical backing for reasons not to do these high risk behaviors.

Patrick Hagler recently began as the school’s first full-time Choices Counselor, after Brodie Simmons, who was only part-time from the council organization, departed at the end of last school year.

He is here Monday through Friday during school hours and encourages students to come talk to him whenever they want to. He has an open door policy whether a student needs to talk about school, social life or anything that is on their mind. Before coming to STH, Hagler used to be a therapist at a treatment for adolescents in Los Angeles.

Haglar attended Santa Barbara University for his undergraduate degree and his graduate’s degree at Antioch University in Los Angeles.

In his free time he enjoys working out and practices meditation regularly. He also has a five-year-old son who he loves spending time with.

He has already made big steps even though he is fresh in the halls here, leading the fall’s two Conversations that Count seminars October 21 and 22. He talked about the effects that certain high-risk behaviors have on the brain.

The Choices Club had its first meeting November 4 and encourages more students to join and participate in building up different activities and awareness in a unique part of Eagle life. Senior Will Melbourne attended the first Choices Club meeting.

“I am looking forward to this year. We have fun activities planned to try to help get the student body involved. This month we are trying focus on the topic of e-cigarettes and other ‘vaping’ mechanisms because it is a new club and many people are not informed about it.”

-Will Melbourne, Senior

Hagler is also continuing the Choices Club which was very successful last year. Many people may remember the video contest last year that had Texans tickets, and a Go-Pro camera as prizes for the best videos. He plans to do many more interactive events like this in years to come.

Joshua is captain of the St. Thomas Rugby Team. He is on St. Thomas Club, participates in the Choices Club, FCA, is a Senior Leader, and President of the Student Council Spirit Committee.