Lunch menu in need of wider variety, creativity


To the Editor:

What is with Sage Dining lately? Am I the only one that has noticed that we have pasta or noodles every single day for lunch?

Sage needs to step its game up if they are going to feed the men of St. Thomas. We cannot have pasta and noodles everyday for lunch, and no, chicken alfredo one day and spaghetti the next does not count as variety.

I know many of you will say to just get something else on the food line. I for one do not want to eat chicken tenders and french fries for the rest of my high school career. Not to mention the food the lunch menu on EBN is wrong almost every day.

This will set you back ~$4. Photo by Justin Van.

The real problem is that our cafeteria is lacking greatly in variety and overall satisfaction. We want steaks, we want sloppy joes, we want sliders, nachos, wings, tacos, ribs, meatball subs, and we can go on and on.

I understand that once in a blue moon we do actually have a good entree but having something good for lunch is becoming a rarity and I am left with unseasoned fries, rock hard hamburger buns and soggy undercooked chicken tenders when we are lacking a desirable entree.

Nicholas Burns