Morning announcements missing key aspect in Texas pledge



In the course of a semester, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance seems to become just another thing that we are required to do as part of our morning routine.

This does not make it right, but we have been more or less lulled into indifference when the waving Stars and Stripes appear on the screen.

A glaring solution to this issue manifests itself in the form of the Texas pledge. This short, three line declaration of belief in the flag of the Lone Star State needs to be an integral part of the morning news.

As Texans, there should be an overwhelming sense of pride in the fact that we are residents of a state that stood alone in an armed conflict against an entire country with a vastly superior military. It should not be viewed as a burden or an unnecessary addition to the announcements, but rather paying respect to those who fought and died for our independence, both in the case of America and Texas itself.

Texans were forced to fight and shed quite a large amount of blood in order to secure this great state of ours for future generations. As a school that prides itself on being a part of the history of not only our city but our state, we absolutely must include this short pledge to the Texas flag every morning.