Opportunities for service abound over Christmas holiday break

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Senior Paolo Cannatella reads to children at Memorial Elementary. Reading Aces is a great club that students can earn a lot of service hours as well as help the community. Photo by Garrett Sorrels

Spend this Christmas season working on those service hours.

There are a multitude of opportunities to take advantage of over the break. This is also a warning to juniors and seniors to get those hours done. With the semester coming to a close, time is running out to turn in the hours.

Now, if you’re already tired of reading this article, head over to the bulletin board labeled “service” and read them yourself.

On this board of service you will find business cards, flyers and other Houston area service opportunities.

For those who enjoy the outdoors and manual labor, there are chances to work with Habitat for Humanity which is an organization dedicated to building homes for homeless.

There is also an amazing opportunity to work at the Dona Marie House, one of the Magnificat Houses, where you can build a chicken coup and cut down some trees. This event is occurring January 18.

During the holiday season, many of Houston’s homeless will need food and there are a few service organization that will need help during the Christmas season. First, Loaves and Fishes, one of the Magnificat Houses outreach programs, is always looking for people to help out.

Loaves and Fishes is a soup kitchen that is open six days a week so there is plenty of days to help out and earn a few hours.

Second, the Houston Food Bank is looking for volunteers to package and sort food. Junior Nathan Le is an active member of the Houston Food bank.

“I enjoy working out in the community and seeing how much I can help impact people out there that need help and are hungry.”

-Nathan Le, junior

If you enjoy working with kids, DePelchin Children’s Center is looking for volunteers this Christmas break. They have a Christmas project where kids can perform several jobs. The Children’s Center is sponsoring over 1200 children this holiday season and they have an entire warehouse of gifts. Volunteers can go and sort the gifts in the warehouse. If you want to help organize a warehouse and move packages around, this is a great opportunity.

The Christian Community Service Center has a fun Christmas project called “Jingle Bell Express.” Just like the DePelchin Children’s Center, this is a jolly occasion to sort gifts for families and provide them with a merry Christmas.

Christmas break is the perfect time to finish all of your service hours. Once the second semester starts, there will only be a few months to complete your hours. Freshman deadline is April 21, junior deadline is April 7 and the senior deadline is March 25.

If you have any spare time this break, spend it doing some good for the world.

Will, or as most people refer to him as "that kid who drives the Prius." Once in the second grade, Will wrote to the Houston Zoo about the Okapi exhibit to complain how the tree stump in the middle of the exhibit was disrupting the Okapi's daily life. Needless to say, the zookeeper had no idea what Will was talking about.