Study hall should permit cell phone use for music, games


To the Editor:

I believe that the men of St. Thomas should be able to have their phones out during study hall.  Study hall is a time that homework can be done, but it should also be a chance for a stressed out student to take a break and play a game on his phone.

If the student doesn’t want to play games on his phone he can pull out his earphones and listen to some music and keep studying.

Having a phone out during study hall is much better than having it out in class, because when it is out during study hall the student who has it out is not disrespecting a teacher who is spending time trying to teach a class.


Since some students have their phones out in class anyway this might be an incentive to keep it away until study hall when it will be acceptable to have it out. Studies show that when people have short breaks in between the times that they work, they work better because they have had a break from work and time to relax and have less amounts of brain stimulation.

Having this break in a long school day will be great for many students who work hard all day long and deserve this little break with their phones and music.

Cole Colley