Lunch periods desperately need to be lengthened

Lunch 8-20-15 GS (4)_compressed
Resident lunch participant junior JP Nguyen waits anxiously in line as the clock keeps ticking. (Photo by Garrett Sorrels)

To the Editor:

The lunch situation has become bleak indeed.

Personally I suggest that we move to elongate the lunch period by at least ten to fifteen minutes in order to compensate for the time it takes to sit in the lunch line and get food.

Maybe this schedule change is not within the realm of possibility for the administration at this very moment, but I would urge them to consider changing the schedule over the summer.

These changes need to be made so that when all of us return next year we will not have to deal with the mealtime madness that is lunch at STH.

This snack break is not a far fetched idea either as several teachers have emerged in support of a mid morning snack break.

All in all I hope that the administration can find a way to solve the mealtime madness crisis, and soon for all our sakes.

As men of St. Thomas we all know the struggle is real when it comes to food. Everyday we sit through at least four grueling periods (that is four if you’re lucky, if you’re a second lunch person like me, it’s five) dying of hunger, cringing at the very thought of food.

This especially becomes a problem for those of use who buy food here at school, as by the time you have bought all your food and sat down, lunch is almost certainly nearly over.

This means we find ourselves shoving food down our mouth holes in a frenzied panic in order to finish before the bell rings.

Justin Estuart