Guide to FPSF 2016


1. Matt and Kim

Many remember Matt and Kim as “the dynamic duo who thought they were in Dallas” three Summerfests ago. Despite this huge let down, this outgoing pair always prove to be a blowout. Even if you do not listen to them, you listen to them; their music is all over the place. Their iconic, self-described “DIY” sound is really enjoyable and always guarantees a great time.

2. Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco is the king of bittersweet, feel-good music. His songs are always top quality, and he is just as relaxed on stage as his music is when playing through the speakers. The only thing this guy rocks more than his guitar is the iconic gap in his teeth. Whether or not you listen to Mac DeMarco, you should still hit up his venue for a concert you are sure not to remember.

3. Collegrove

What do you get when you mix Lil Wayne with 2 Chainz; apparently a duo who want to call themselves “ColleGrove.” Originally the third studio album in 2 Chainz career, “ColleGrove” dished out some really good songs. Now that this project has been out for a month, 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne have decided to tour around as a duo, and have decided to be latecomers for this year’s FPSF roster.

4. Leon Bridges

It is rumored that Leon Bridges somehow got a hold of a time traveling Delorean. Every existing picture of him is in black and white and shows him rocking vintage clothes while sitting next to old analog tape machines. Not only does he look like he is from the 50s, but his music is a perfect spin of the gospel and soul music that rocked the airwaves sixty years ago with just a hint of some modern vibes.

5. Logic

His stage name is Logic, but his real name is Sir Robert Bryson Hall II. Logic has come to the forefront of hip/hop and rap recently with his two interesting and soulful albums “Under Pressure” and “The Incredible True Story”. He is a must see at FPSF if you are interested in a variety of fast and slow songs along with thoughtful lyrics and intricate beats and sounds. Use your best logic and give him a try.

6. Modest Mouse

An oldie but a goodie, Modest Mouse first hit it big all the way back in 1992. If that does not surprise you, look at it like this: they have been a band for almost 25 years now. They are one of the oldest indie/alternative rock bands, and the fact that they are still pumping out best selling albums shows the pure genius and creativity that lies behind the minds if this aging group who just can not seem to ever peak.


7. And many more…

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