No Shave November proves smashing success, worthy cause

Junior Haden Ritchie shaves after realizing he has a faint fuzz. The Dean of Students office has shaving cream and razors for any student in need of a quick cut. Photo by: Justin Van.

In November, there were significantly higher amounts of facial hair and a sharp decline in shaving fines.

No Shave November, with its connection to men’s health, is a tremendous opportunity for students and men worldwide to express themselves. With a small donation of ten dollars, seniors were able to take advantage of their seniority on campus and ditch the razors for two weeks.

This reprieve from the usually eagle-eyed faculty and administration’s stance against facial hair allowed students to give their faces a break from the harsh, metallic treatment that single-blade razors provide. While shaving cream, aftershave, and lotions can be used to help your skin recover, there is no hiding the fact that shaving the best visible expression of one’s maturity and manhood off your face every week or so is a tedious process that was well worth the small donation.

The monetary aspect is also a plus. Over $500 was raised from seniors who wanted the opportunity to show off their facial hair. Payment was taken as a donation to combat prostate cancer and other issues that directly impact men’s health.