Rugby team stacked for dominant season


One sport always seems to be in the background, quietly carrying on its hard work while people scream about last night’s pitching battle or how our soccer team won in penalty kicks: the Rugby team.

The track record for the rugby team’s history is phenomenal. Since 2002, rugby has produced far more state championships than any other school sport. Although the last three seasons have been great years, the state title has been missed since 2013. However, the team is extra confident in the team’s potential this year compared to others.

“This group is different from the past years because these players want success and honor for the rugby team more than anything. We plan to do whatever it takes to accomplish that this year. We are ready.”

Griffin Maat, rugby co-captain

To raise the excitement even more, rugby has made a decision only made twice in the head coach Brett Mills’s history with the team. As of January 12th, the decision was made to elect three captains of the team: seniors Riley Bishop, Griffin Maat, and Samuel Yeboah.

Seniors Samuel Yeboah (left), Griffin Maat (center), and Riley Bishop (right) intend to lead this year's Rugby team to never before seen heights.
Seniors Samuel Yeboah (left), Griffin Maat (center), and Riley Bishop (right) intend to lead this year’s Rugby team to never before seen heights.

A team captain, in most cases, denotes the best player on the team and is given the highest respect on the team. In Rugby, being the captain is so much more than that. Captains are moral and mental leaders of the team. They are the models of hard work and tenacity for the other players to follow. From the very beginning, from just picking the captain, the coaches take character and team spirit into consideration above actual skill in the game. The fact that three separate players, all playing different positions, were chosen for this role means that the character of the team as a whole is at its highest in years. On top of this, the coaches’ expectations and hopes are just as high as the players.

The team’s constant maturity and good attitude is an excitement for the coaches as they look forward in the season.

“I am always optimistic because we have great athletes, great character, and great leadership. When these aspects come together, expectations get set high on their own.”

Brett Mills, head rugby coach

Everything is set up for this year to be a great season for rugby. From each individual to the whole team and everyone who stands behind them, the program has everything working for it to regain the long sought after state champions title.