SLAB Watch February



Drake Everist

Drake Everist’s sweet slab is a beauty. It’s no shocker that the Strake transfer’s car is one of the nicest on campus. Needless to say, Drake is a very well-deserving owner of the fancy Mercedes, being a natural winner on the court and in the classroom.

A little known fact is that Aubrey Graham, an underground rapper, actually took Mr. Everist’s name for his rapper name when he saw the car the junior was driving. The two have a lot of similarities, including the types of cars they own, their hair cut, and spitting hot bars all day long.

Drake Everist has to often shoo ladies away while he is coming out of the steak house because they all want to pose in front of his James Bond-esque car.


longoria D

Josh Longoria

From the day Mr. Longoria acquired this black beast, he has sworn the honnies have been attracted to it.

This Land Rover is perfect for all your off-roading needs in the exotic outbacks of Houston.

Josh Longoria is known for filling his Black Beatle with all the finest hotties, driving them to the coolest pizza parties, and winning all the Mountain Dew flip cup matches.

With amazing suspension and stellar treads, Mr. Longoria is confident his 2003 Land Rover will never break down and will continue to bring all the girls to the yard for years to come

Black Beatle

The We Live in Downtown Houston and We Need This Big Truck

William/Walker McCairns

This truck is the epitome of STH school spirit. With a grill guard and a powder-coated tool box to match the two-toned King Ranch package, the truck might as mwell scream “’Murica” when it revs up.

The McCairns often have early morning wrestling matches to decide who gets to drive the smoothest ride in Texas.

“The best part about sharing a car with your twin is you only need one driver’s license for the two of us,” Will said.

It’s a good thing they have a truck as big as this because they are all about herding cattle and offroading on the ranches of downtown Houston in their free time. It definitely justifies the gas mileage.


Napoleon Syndrome

George Fisher

George Fisher’s white truck might be small and stubby, but the variety of modifications and truck jewelry really make it say.

From personal experience, sitting in the half seat in the back is life changing, with enough legroom to make even me comfortable.

“I honestly have the most tricked out car at Saint Thomas, from the headache rack to the grill guard, it’s the sauciest car ever,” Fisher said.

You can catch George swearing he is “average height” while sitting in his beast after school and vibing to some Partynextdoor or Drake to prepare for basketball practice.

Everett Vaughn is a junior and his specialty is writing hot bars in the publications lab. He also specializes in saucin' on the court and on the females. Future's song "Too Much Sauce" was written about him. Even before Everett had money, he still had sauce. He plans on heading to the NBA draft after acquiring his TAPPS 5-A State ring this year. Everett is really about that life.