Rampant theft of tablet pens

Senior Nabor Mireles Stealing a Tablet Pen from Senior Max Vela 03-27-17 JV (6)
Senior Maxwell Vela completes an assignment while unaware of the dangers of leaving tablet pens in the open. (Eagle Photo/Justin Van)

To the Editor:

During the year I have had several problems with people stealing tablet pens. I have had two of my tablet pens stolen over the year and I have had to purchase new ones. Furthermore, I know I am not the only one with this problem. Many of my friends have had their tablet pens stolen as well. I try to be very cautious about where I leave my tablet and I feel like that isn’t enough to keep my pen from getting stolen.

The pen is so easily removable because you just need to push it in and it pops out so it’s hard to actually catch someone trying to steal your pen. They all look the same so it is hard to see if the person next to you has your pen or if that is theirs. I am sure that there will be something done about this problem in the future but for now it’s just a matter of having to keeping an eye out for others.

Adrian Avila