Sunday, October 22, 2017

by Josh Bannon Eagle Editorial Board Underage drinking has always been a prevalent issue in American society, especially in recent years. Whether its blacking out at parties...

When I walk into a mexican restaurant, I smell some of the most delicious food you can smell. Its as if God had prepared the food himself. That delicious aroma is one of mankind’s best contribution to food. That food is nachos.

In one moment, a blinking cursor waits for a search item. In the next, the number of views skyrockets. Almost instantly, the next viral YouTube video is born.

The gooey, yellow mass is poured onto the sun-burnt crispy chips. The cheesy smell lingers even when someone has already passed me in the lunchroom, and I become disgusted. I really do not like it; the smell, the taste, the texture, the appearance, or anything about the dish.

St. Thomas has been known for its high standard for academics over the past 110 years and is usually at the top of the charts in athletics, as well.

It has been said that the night is the darkest before the dawn. That can describe our football program except for the fact that we have been stuck in the night for the past three years, unable to shake the darkness.

Since I can remember, pep rallies have been lacking in enthusiasm and quality, to say the least. After the class of 2008 graduated with their pep rally leader Jonathan Strom, pep rallies have gone down hill – big time.

September 11. Mention this date and only one thing comes to mind: the tragic date of the biggest terrorist attack on the United States.

It is the end of D period. The bell has just rung. The thoughts of food fill the mind of every student in the school.