Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Two years ago, the administration told the student body that the addition of security cameras around campus would make the school a safer place for students.

The title "doctor" has many different meanings. Having a doctorate validates one as a learned patron of medicine or an expert in a particular field. What it shows to others is years of hard work, money and time spent to achieve a high honor.

Clubs have been a big part of the community for several years. We have had the classics for a long time: Intramural club, Best Buddies, Key Club, Spanish Club, French Club and Latin Club. However, there are some new ideas brewing.

Reading Aces is a service project that calls for high school students to help struggling elementary school students learn how to read.

In today’s world, a problem has arisen for young drivers that has proved more dangerous than driving drunk: texting while driving.

To procrastinate and avoid the overwhelming but inevitable task of writing my college application essays, I assigned myself a newspaper article that motivates seniors to write their college application essays.

Just about everyone knows who Theatre Director Dan Green is. He is the iconic, sometimes sarcastic, smart and witty theater teacher.

Everyone knows how hard it is to keep your grades up in high school.

A few weeks ago, junior Alex De Ayala was adamant in making a promise that he intended to keep.

Photos by Aaron Reiss and Nico Hoge.