Friday, August 18, 2017

"Come and take it." Few teams have tried and succeeded at Granger Stadium. Having the best football season in five years, the Eagles have many things to credit for their success, one being the new cannon.

A five foot tall lobster furiously pursues a green humanoid across the football field. His eyes blaze as red as his claws. In his mind, one thought eclipses all others: revenge.

The drama club has allowed students intrigued by all aspects of theater to participate in the production of the fall play and spring musical for many years. Students who take a special interest in stage management, the construction of sets, singing, and acting come together to provide our community with an entertaining performance. This fall, they presented a humorous classic, "Great Expectations," by Charles Dickens, which showed from Friday, October 22 until Sunday, October 24. The play will took place in Cemo Auditorium.

As chaotic as the recent parking situation has been, another situation has already risen, and that is the rivalry between off-roading and luxury cars. Here, we will take a dive through the parking lot and discuss notable cars on campus, specifically the rivalry between off-roading vehicles and luxury vehicles.

Turn on your iPod. Briefly scroll through the artists and songs. Did you pay for more than half of that music?

Trying to find a parking spot redefines the word difficult.

From the happiest moment after the last semester final to the anxious night before school starts, summer vacation is the time every year students take to relax and set their minds on something besides school.