The Eagle

2020-2021 Staff

Creighton Ward 21

Creighton Ward ’21

This is Creighton's first year on staff. He is primarily interested in sports and feature writing. Outside of journalism he plays baseball and is looking forward to his senior season.

Robert Longo 22

Robert Longo ’22

Robert Longo is the managing editor of the Eagle Magazine. Robert specializes in the design for the Eagle Magazine, but is best known for writing many of the Eagle Magazine's feature stories. Robert's favorite activities ...

Luke Evans 22

Luke Evans ’22

Luke Evans is a senior at St. Thomas High School and is the Editor in Chief of the Eagle Magazine. He is looking forward to leading the staff in producing the best possible content both in the physical magazine as well as online....

Hayden Diamond 21

Hayden Diamond ’21

Hayden Diamond is a 1st- year journalism staff member. Hayden loves story telling and journalism allows him to share his stories with the world. Besides journalism, he involves himself in swimming, theater, leadership-based activities,...

Augustus Gus Boettcher 21

Augustus “Gus” Boettcher ’21

This is Gus's first year on staff. He is interested in telling the stories of individuals, especially those who might go unnoticed. His other interests include Theater, Creative Writing, Speech, Piano, Student Government, Literature,...

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