Hope for homecoming


Eagle Staff

Homecoming is the one time a year when the whole student body can attend the same STH dance. This is a great time and is often very fun.

Sadly last year’s homecoming dance lacked good music for a dance.

We found that the DJ had little knowledge as what to play at a high school dance. We hope this year that Student Council will hire a DJ that knows what he is doing. Last year’s dance, many left with nothing good to say but this year we hope it turns out different.

Another thing that we noticed was that at the Orientation Dance students had to pay for drinks. This was the first time in the past three years this has happened.

Homecoming is already expensive enough with the costs including dinner for you and your date, a mum, an entry fee ($30) and a corsage. The last thing we want to do is have to carry our wallets around to pay for drinks at a dance.

One thing that is going to be different this year is that the courtyard will be open during the dance. In years past the dance was confined to Cemo Auditorium. In addition, the courtyard will be decorated and have a coffee bar.

We think these will be welcome additions: now students can go outside to cool off with their date.

One of the most interesting additions to homecoming is that singles will be able to attend for $20. We feel this takes away from the whole idea of homecoming. Homecoming is a kind of “practice” for prom because you actually had to strap up and ask a girl to go with you. With this change no longer do students have to do this.

This will make for more students at the dance without dates.

All we really can do is wait and see what happens. We are hoping for the best.