Much ado about parking


Eagle Staff

The building of the parking garage caused great disruption to the normal order of life at the beginning of the school year.

Most of the traffic problem is caused by the two-lane road on the north side of Reckling Gymnasium.

This “two” lane stretch should only be one-way. The school tried to alleviate this problem by not selling the parallel spots next to the gym, but this measure has done little to affect anything. That part of the parking lot is just too small to have traffic going in both directions.

The funny thing about this is that a sound solution is in place, it is just that students are not abiding by it.

According to the traffic flow plan instituted at the beginning of August, the driveway behind the gym is supposed to be one-way in the morning and one-way in the afternoon. It would not be so bad if students would simply follow the plan in place.

Another approach implemented to help the flow of traffic was hiring off-duty officers in the morning and afternoons.

While the officers have greatly helped the overall traffic problem on campus, we feel that they are not as useful in the morning as in afternoon. In the morning they should be better about letting traffic only come in and staying in, instead of trying to exit from behind the gym.

As always, the maintenance staff has been incredibly helpful in addressing the traffic woes.

Overall we feel that the school has done a great job and has shown much concern in helping with the situation. With all things considered, we are anxiously waiting for that fateful opening date in April.