New pep rally leaders bring much needed energy to assemblies


by Ryan Haines
Eagle Editorial Board

Since I can remember, pep rallies have been lacking in enthusiasm and quality, to say the least. After the class of 2008 graduated with their pep rally leader Jonathan Strom, pep rallies have gone down hill – big time.

Perhaps the classes of 2009 and 2010 lacked leadership and energy. That is not to say that the seniors the past two years have not had some leadership qualities, but rather that their qualities did not consist of being able to lead pep rallies or get the rest of the student body excited about sports and tradition.

Coming into my senior year I was worried that this year – just as I have the past two – was going to be filled with a lack of spirit and leadership. Much to my delight, however, this year’s pep rallies have been filled with energy, leadership and spirit. Led by a group of two young men, seniors Bobby Garcia and Ian Hurley have made a huge impact so far this year.

Already after one pep rally, students noticed a change for the better that Hurley and Garcia are bringing to the table. The first pep rally was filled with spirit and energy, not only by the two leaders but by student in the stands as well.

Case in point: even the juniors cheered.

It is one thing to show your own energy but it is a whole other thing to be able to get all the students to have that same energy in spirit.

I would not just call this dynamic duo awesome. They have not only renewed the spirit of pep rallies that has been lacking since the departure of the Strom but provided an entertaining way to end our day every now and then; instead of having to go, you want to go.

Garcia and Hurley seemed like they had a good thing going at the first pep rally with phenomenal energy, but I wonder was this just beginner’s luck, or will these two warriors of the mic be able to keep it up all year?

Both Garcia and Hurley seem confident that their pre-pep rally rituals will supply them with the same energy for the rest of the year.

Another positive addition to the pep rally was the video.

As far as my memory goes back, there has never been a pep rally in which a video was shown. Despite Garcia and Hurley’s excellent job leading the pep rally, it was a nice change of pace to have a video in the middle of the rally.

The video provided an entertaining display of Tom Eagle chasing Strake Jesuit’s “Green Man” around the SJ campus. By the quality of the video, it was clear to see that many hours of hard work were put into filming and editing the video, a task which all of the students appreciated after it was shown.

Not only was I impressed by the hard work put into the video, along with the great plot, I was also in awe at the pure strength of Mr. Bruno benching what seemed to be an impossible amount, a feat that really got the students excited.

Another clear improvement in the first pep rally was the performance of the cheerleaders.

Soon after the pep rally I went to the eye doctor because I was almost sure the legendary Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders had just been our gym floor.

Much to my disbelief, I was assured that those were in fact the St. Thomas cheerleaders.

Both the junior varsity and varsity squads performed with both energy and precision that can only be obtained through hard work and, in this case, a new cheerleading coach.

It is not to say that the past cheerleading squads have been bad, but this year’s teams certainly are the best in the last four years.

With the combination of two enthusiastic seniors at the top, experimenting with new ideas and our phenomenal cheerleading squads, this year’s rallies look promising.

It might be too early to say but I am predicting the Strom era will soon be forgotten, and in years to come it will be the Garcia and Hurley era that remains.