Back off, dude: they’re nach-yos


by Kevin Hesse
Eagle Staff

When I walk into a mexican restaurant, I smell some of the most delicious food you can smell. Its as if God had prepared the food himself. That delicious aroma is one of mankind’s best contribution to food. That food is nachos.

Nachos were invented from just over the border from Eagle Pass, Texas. The Victory Club was a restaurant, whose owner in 1943, created the first nachos for a group of army wives. The original nachos were made with tortilla rolls that the owner, Ignacio Anaya, cut into triangles and added some cheese and other various topping he could find. Eventually, the popularity of nachos spread throughout Texas and soon became popular all over America.

Whether it is at a game, at home, or in the restaurant, nachos make the perfect food for any event. What makes nachos so good is the fact that there are thousands of topping combinations. You can have nachos that have queso, refried beans, and beef or nachos with jalapenos, chicken, and guacamole. You can put almost anything edible on nachos and it will taste delicious.

Comparing nachos to some other food is not fair. The nachos take the competition every time, especially when it comes to crepes. First of all crepes are a breakfast food, only meant to be eaten in the mornings, while nachos can be eaten at any time of the day. Also the day has a limited number of hours so the easier it is to make the better.

Which is why nachos are a far superior dish because of the time it takes to prepare them. For example, if I had you cook as many crepes as you can in two minutes and if you had me make as many nachos as I could in two minutes. For every crepe you make I would be able to produce two large portions of nachos.

Nachos are also superior to crepes mostly because you can eat and enjoy more nachos than crepes. For thin pancakes, crepes fill you up pretty fast. You do not have time to enjoy as many as you can before you have a full stomach. With nachos, you can eat so many of them (toppings included) before you even feel bloated, which allows you to stuff yourself full of nachos during a big game.

That also bring up another valid point. Do you have time to make some crepes while a big game is on? No you do not. Nachos are convenient, so while making them you have time to see that big 4th down catch for a touchdown by Andre Johnson. Where as if you were making crepes, you would not have been able to see the awesome catch.

The only reason you would ever want to eat crepes in a game is if David Garrard happened to be throwing a last second Hail Mary. Unless that is happening, crepes do not even compare to nachos.

When you eat a good set of nachos, it is almost as if God has given you a little slice of heaven on a round plate. Nachos are the ultimate Tex-Mex treat that can be enjoyed by everyone.