Bathroom materials, sinks demand replacement


There are many different bathrooms, some better than others, but all of them are different. Whether it is the older bathrooms in the science building or the newest ones in the language wing they all have their own characteristics and personality.

However, the one thing they do have in common is the supplies they are stocked with. This includes terrible toilet paper and sour-smelling soap.

The toilet paper resembles a piece of 100 grit sand paper. This is something we feel needs to change. Instead of students holding in their bathroom needs until they get home, they will feel free and relaxed knowing their behind is safe from being sanded. The personality of a clean bathroom can be ruined by cheap supplies.

The soap we have in the bathroom is a bad-smelling gel. This becomes a problem for students because after using the facilities, their hands smell atrocious.

And there is no use in trying to wash the soap off because the sinks in the main building are hard to use. You must first set off the sensor, and once this is done, the water stream lasts for only a few seconds. Then it becomes a fight to keep the sensor triggered.

Many students try different approaches, some hitting the sensor, some flailing their hand vigorously in front and, the most effective, the “two-handed wave.”

The two-handed wave involves taking up both faucets at the sink and waving your left hand over the left sensor and your right hand waving in front of the right sensor. This gives you two chances to get the sink started, but good luck with keeping them going.