Get away: don’t creep my crepes


by John Carrera
Eagle Staff

The gooey, yellow mass is poured onto the sun-burnt crispy chips. The cheesy smell lingers even when someone has already passed me in the lunchroom, and I become disgusted. I really do not like it; the smell, the taste, the texture, the appearance, or anything about the dish.

On the other hand, I go into heavenly bliss as the neatly structured sweet strawberries, chocolate, powdered sugar and thin pancake meet my tongue. The delicious aroma of strawberry and chocolate is sure to be more appealing when someone walks into the room than the horrid smell of nacho cheese and ground beef. I love everything about this plate; the look, the taste, the texture, the smell, it’s amazing.

Nachos have a repulsive odor that fills up a room like helium into a balloon. It fills up the lungs and causes a gag reflex, at least for me. As soon as my nose touches the nachos’ stench, I have to leave the room or I think I will barf.
On the contrary, the sweet scent of crepes has this affect on me that cannot be put into words. I feel like I am on cloud nine with my feet up, and fifty Megan Foxes in nice white gowns are serving me crepes. I walk into a room hoping that it smells like the enticing aroma of this delicious dish.

I have only tried nachos once when I was younger, and that was a horrifying experience that I wish I will never have to relive. I literally threw up the moment I put the food in my mouth. The taste was disgusting.

My experience with crepes, however, was amazing. I tasted the sweetness of both the strawberries and chocolate in my mouth and I practically fainted from joy. Ever since then, I prefer crepes to nachos.

Now, the texture, in my opinion, is very awkward. I feel the mix of the cheese and ground beef is very weird because it is slimy and chunky at the same time, which reminds me of vomit, and food is not supposed to remind you of vomit or you would not eat it. The overall feel of the chunky, slimy, and crunchy textures in my mouth disgust me.

Crepes do not have this nasty feel to them though. They are nice and neat and they slide in easily and do not make such a mess.

They are chewy and satisfying. Crepes are definitely better than nachos, and nachos do not even come close in comparison with this delicious French dish.

When it all comes down to buying crepes or nachos at school, always go with crepes.