Great expectations met for fall drama production


by Justin McConn
Eagle Staff

The drama club has allowed students intrigued by all aspects of theater to participate in the production of the fall play and spring musical for many years. Students who take a special interest in stage management, the construction of sets, singing, and acting come together to provide our community with an entertaining performance. This fall, they presented a humorous classic, “Great Expectations,” by Charles Dickens, which showed from Friday, October 22 until Sunday, October 24. The play will took place in Cemo Auditorium.

“Great Expectations” is about the growing up of a boy named Pip, who is trying to become a gentleman. Along his path to adulthood he makes some mistakes. He also encounters some strange characters such as an old rich women who refuses to wear anything but her wedding dress, a criminal, and a strange man who has a cannon in his house that he shoots randomly.

Upon arriving back to school for the 2010 school year, members of the drama club were soon at work on the production. Rehearsals began back in August within the second week of school. Students were later given roles, many from a variety of schools. Seniors from St. Thomas such as Alexander Denard, Jake Weiner, with the starring role as Pip, and others participated. Ladies from Duchesne include Madison Weinhoffer. An actress to look out for from Incarnate Word Academy is Sophia Lazio. St. Agnes provided many actresses for the fall play such as Teresa Sample, who played the part of Bitty.

“I would advise you to look out for junior Ryan Mattingly in the future. He is a really fun guy, he did extremely well,” Mr. Green, the director, said.

Set builds are an open invitation to whoever is interested to come and help build the set. Service hours are offered for those who participate.

“Its like a small community within the school where the guys and girls can hang out and unwind. There is so many personalities there that it does not matter what you do, we all get along,” senior Kevin Feehery said. Feehery has been going to set builds on Saturday mornings since he was a freshman not because of the service hours but because he enjoys being able to build a set and its something fun to do on a Saturday morning.

The plays and musicals produced by the drama club are always a hit and very amusing. This years fall production, “Great Expectations,” was no exception.