This football season was filled with good moments.


by Grayson Dowlern
Guest Writer

This football season was filled with good moments.

It started with the addition of coach Fitzpatrick to the defensive scheme. The defense started off slow but acclimated and found a way to stick to the scheme.

The 6-6 record that the team finished with at the end of the season is the best while I have been at St. Thomas. It was a turn-around from last season, not just in the record but in the team as well. I am proud to have been on the team to finish with that record and help build up the program again.

Our football program has a lot of big things to look forward to in the next couple of years. The success we experienced this year was a team effort.

Of the four years I have been here, this year had the best team atmosphere. As a team we stuck together and grew together. There were no internal conflicts that we experienced. We came around to work as a team and I think that everyone enjoyed coming out this season.

The aspect of the season that everyone enjoyed most was winning games. The coaches said that good teams find ways to win. We found ways to win this year, whether it was Splendora where we got a big lead to start off the game, or Beaumont Kelly at Beaumont where we scored with four seconds left on the play clock.

I think the game that best exemplified our ability was the St. Pius game at home where we came back from a 21 point deficit at halftime to bring the score within 5 points.

We made games exciting and, I think people came to respect the football team a little more. The season started off slow and looked like it could turn into something similar to last year or the year before.

Winning four of the six games in district showed we deserved placing second in district and earned our ticket to the playoffs.

We accomplished more this year even with a very young team. The sophomores and juniors, including a freshman, stepped up and fit in for the lack of seniors. Only 13 seniors played this season, with 10 sophomores and 15 juniors to play varsity.

The most important part to me is the fact that the seniors had a good year. The seniors who came out stuck with the game and played through all sorts of problems. After talking to others seniors, we agree that this was the best and most fun season of football. We were able to enjoy ourselves and that might have been part of the reason for our success.
I would like to thank all the seniors who stayed and the rest of the team and coaches for the effort to produce a great season.