Fall S.L.A.B. watch: Slow, Loud And Bangin’ all in the trucks


by Peyton Wilson
Eagle Staff

The new parking situation and the beginning of the new school year have brought to light multiple new whips around campus. If you were to cruise around the parking lot and the new parking garage, you would pick up on many new stylish trends amongst student’s rides.

From decked-out off-road Jeeps and trucks, to luxurious cars and SUV’s, one can find almost anything on campus.

Junior Alex Kemple is the front runner on the Jeep scene. His mud infested off-road machine is often seen on the trails, where Kemple attempts to tear through mud with his, at times, over-the-top vehicle.

“I don’t really go mudding, even though people at school think my jeep is the ‘mudding truck,’ mud breaks all my suspension parts, and I don’t have the money to fix it all, so I stick to the trails and rocks,” Kemple said. “Although if you’re ever stuck, give me a call and a few bucks and I’d be happy to pull you out.”

When asked if his Jeep has a positive effect on the ladies, Kemple was anything but modest.

“The ladies love my Jeep,” Kemple said. “Between the intense bass and the size of the vehicle itself, I’ve heard it been called many things. The best nickname I’ve heard for my Jeep is the swag tank,” Kemple said.

His notorious V6 Jeep is seen with a new accessory everyday as he keeps his peers updated on its status through multiple social networking sites.

But by far the most controversial accessory was the mud covered pink flamingo attached to the back of his car.

Some students have taken Kemple’s efforts on his car as an insult.

“I just really don’t understand why anyone would want to put that much stuff on their car,” senior Straton Gill said. “All I’m saying is that the Green Bean (Gill’s green 2002 Ford F-150) would take that piece of plastic any day of the Chinese calendar year.”

Another set of wheels that has been turning heads is junior Zack Minnis’ Ford Platinum F-150. Junior Cavan Biggio is also seen driving his white F-150 Platinum.

“One could say that we’re brothers,” said Biggio, referring to Minnis and himself. “When guys like us drive the same truck, a special bond is created between the two, that some say is unbreakable.”

Last year, Minnis was rocking his mother’s old white Range Rover with black rims. But Minnis traded up this year for his daddy’s old black Ford Platinum F-150.

“[The Range Rover] was in the shop a lot and my dad got tired of fixing it,” Minnis said.

When asked how the new truck was effected his love life, the new car owner was proud to announce that he already has a girlfriend, and he does not need the exquisite ride to pick up the ladies.

“No, I really do not need any kind of car to pick up girls,” Minnis said. “That’s my hair’s job. But it would be nice if my girlfriend liked my new truck as much as I do. She likes the old Range Rover more.”

Some of Minnis’ friends were somewhat upset when Minnis broke the news that the storm-trooped Range was gone.

“I mean, that car was sick, no doubt about it”, junior Harrison Heck said. “We just had a lot of good memories in that car, and I mean a lot, and I’m just sad to see her gone.”

So as we move into a new school year, newer additions to the school could take some time to get used to.

Whether those additions are the newly enrolled freshman and transfer students, new faculty or even the new parking garage, the students body’s taste in cars has once again proved to be big Jeeps and expensive trucks.