Seniors initiate fish into STH brotherhood


by Justin McConn
Eagle Editorial Board

Fading memories of summer days and a new heavy load of assignments may have had many students feeling blue, but for the freshman and senior classes this emotion quickly subsided with yet another successful Fish Week.

The beloved tradition always takes place after the first full week of school and aims at welcoming new members of the St. Thomas family, students and faculty alike. The purpose of this week is also to instill the sense of brotherhood and camaraderie we pride ourselves upon. Beanies, lunch-time activities, great costumes: this year’s Fish Week had it all.

Monday’s activities were limited to freshman and senior class meetings. Nevertheless, the event began making freshmen anxious and riled up seniors, who long awaited having the upper hand since their days as a fish.

On Tuesday, the fish arrived to school with their beanies strapped up, ready to meet their seniors and, like always, the senior hallway was filled with commotion. Timid freshmen lingered along the wall opposite the lockers and in the less crowded areas at either end of the hall, while seniors scattered around filling the air with the names of their fish.

One by one seniors found their fish and made their way to Cemo auditorium for a prayer service headed by Rev. Jim Murphy, C.S.B. During which, the Bible story of David and Goliath was acted out by senior Jeremy King as Goliath, freshman Connor Stewart as David and Student Body President Danny Amsler as King Saul, while senior Patrick Pinkerton narrated.

Following the prayer service, freshmen enjoyed breakfast with their seniors and got to know each other.

Later on in the day during both lunch periods freshman participated in activities such as a frozen t-shirt contest, soda pong and flip cup.

Everything from pirates to doctors and a wide variety of other characters in between were all marked present Wednesday morning. Seniors Dress-Up-Their-Fish day is always a crowd favorite.

“My favorite Fish Week costume was Nick Rossi’s Mr. Nashes,” senior Straton Gill said. “I thought he perfectly captured Mr. Nash’s two primary personae: casual Nash and cross country Nash.”

“The best costume was definitely the devil Obama because it was the realest one out there,” senior Michael Johnson said.

“My fish’s costume as [junior] Jack Reidy was my favorite,” senior Paul De Ayala said.

Thursday’s Fish Week activities included a takeover of first lunch by seniors and freshmen, who enjoyed a pizza lunch provided by the administration.

Due to rainy weather, those outside piled in the cafeteria where lunch was wrapped up with the debut of this year’s new pep rally emcees, seniors John Mouton and Peyton Wilson, who shared with us a couple of new student cheers to be used.

By Friday, Fish Week was coming to an end, marking the last day the class of ‘15 would wear their red beanies.

As the year goes the freshmen class will look back on fish week and really start feeling a part of the STH family, until one day it is their turn to welcome a fresh group of fish to the school.