Summer renovations extend to athletics, archives, science


by Richard Le & Jonathan Oggero
Eagle Staff

As students return to school with new attitudes and looks, several school buildings also begin the new year with renovated appearances.

During the summer, renovations took place in Reckling Gymnasium, the Hall of Champions, the LRC, the science department and Turner Hall.

In Reckling Gymnasium, the school installed new bleachers.

The continuous wooden benches that used to adorn both sides of the gym have been replaced with red and white bleachers. These bleachers have individual seatings and some seats even have cup holders.

On one side, when the bleachers are closed, the letters “STH” are visible; whereas, on the other side, the word “EAGLES” is displayed. The bleachers are also highlighted by wider aisles, aisle safety railings and sturdier end railings.

Even though the new bleachers do not increase the seating capacity, they are more durable, comfortable and safe for all of the fans that attend games in Reckling Gym.

A new media platform has also been built to accommodate radio broadcast crews and team videographers. The total costs of these bleachers are approximately $110,000.

These new bleachers are an excellent upgrade from the old, uncomfortable, wooden bleachers.

“I think the bleachers exemplify the stylishness of the students,” senior B.J. Sherry said. “Even though they resemble Strake’s, ours have more swag.”

Furthermore, these bleachers allow the gym to hold more fans. Perhaps, this will bring more support for the athletic teams.

“I love the new colors of the bleachers,” senior varsity basketball player Rowan Brumant said. “The old ones were so old and dull. I believe these new bleachers will bring us even more support and pump up our [Reckling] Rowdies.”

Another renovation was a reconfigured Hall of Champions.

The Hall of Champions is still on the first floor of the Webre building but has

been relocated to the east side of Reckling Gymnasium. The Hall of Champions now contains framed photographs and a trophy case with new cabinets. The photographs and trophy case display achievements of Eagle athletics.

“With all of the success that we’ve had in athletics over the years, we felt that it was appropriate to upgrade the way we were presenting the mementos of those successes in the Hall of Champions,” Athletic Director Mike Netzel said. “The whole area has more of a museum feel which is what we were shooting for. Our new Hall of Champions allows us to recognize those teams and individuals who’ve led STH to success over the years in a truly first class way.”

In the LRC, the school has furnished an archives display room located behind the computers. The room is filled with glass cabinets and shelves that will hold school memorabilia, important papers and documents.

The science department has also undergone small renovations. Almost every student would have recognized chemistry teacher Mary Kay Smith’s room designed with ascending steps where the desks were once located. Those unique steps, however, are no longer there.

“I love my new room,” Smith said. “It’s so much brighter, and I have a lot more room to work with.”

But not every student agrees with her.

“I really missed the old setup,” junior Ryan Falcona said. “I loved those steps.”

Finally, the chairs in the Turner Hall now have more padding. The old seats were thin and uncomfortable. This upgrade should make the meetings and conferences held in Turner Hall more enjoyable.

“I thoroughly enjoy the new seats in Turner Hall,” senior Anthony Hernandez said.

All of these renovations are part of the school’s continual upgrades and are soon to be followed by more new additions, such as a new athletics center and refurbished science classrooms.